Protect Your Proprietary Information

Protect Your Proprietary Information

Contact a trade secret attorney in Alpharetta, GA

It’s important to protect your intellectual property from competitors. To protect propriety information from competitors, it’s important to talk to a trade secret attorney. Steven Stewart LLC takes cases involving trade secret law in Alpharetta, Georgia.

We’ll help you use trade secret law to protect your operation. Our services include:

  • Advising clients to protect specific technologies through patents
  • Helping clients establish internal procedures to protect key technologies
  • Establishing non-disclosure agreements and contractual barriers to protect information

Businesses of all types require a competitive advantage. Protect your company by contacting a trade secret attorney in Alpharetta, GA.

Identify your company’s trade secrets

It’s important to identify and classify your trade secrets through restricted access or employee education. Trade secrets can include plans, designs, recipes or even things not to do in production.

Contact Steven Stewart today to learn more about trade secret law in Alpharetta, GA.