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Why You Need to Protect Your Brand

Your brand’s name, logo and icons, slogan, advertisements, and related items are an important part of who you are and how your sponsors, investors, and customers perceive you. If someone applies your brand to an inferior product or service or misuses it in any way, it will have a negative effect on your reputation.

I understand that how you sell your product is just as important as the quality of your product. That's why I offer trademark law services in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Cumming, Canton, and Milton, Georgia. If someone else is stealing your voice or presentation, it can be hard to distinguish the authenticity of your brand. This can have lasting effects on your business. But you can safeguard against underhanded profiteers with a registered trademark.

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The Law That Protects Names, Brands, & Slogans

Trademark law protects the way you identify your goods or services to keep another entity from making or selling them. Like copyright protects your creative product or work, a trademark protects how you sell or market that product or work. It is essential in making sure that your name, style, and presence are protected.

When someone steals another's identity, there are devastating consequences that are out of that person's control. Brand appropriation, though not as severe, has similar effects. Your profits may decrease, your image irreparably damaged, and your client base can rapidly dwindle. To avoid these scenarios, put my experience and skill in your corner.

3 Worthwhile Reasons to Hire a Trademark Attorney

An experienced trademark attorney will save you time and money by registering your intellectual property properly and efficiently. At Steven Stewart LLC, I will:

  1. Answer any questions you have about the trademark office

  2. Guide you through the registration process

  3. Make sure you meet registration deadlines

Your brand and business deserve to be protected. File your application correctly the first time by contacting me in Alpharetta, Georgia. Schedule a free consultation in the Greater Atlanta Area today.