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Whether you’re a growing new business or you’re simply looking to focus on the future of your established company, protecting your intellectual property is essential to the success of your operation.


As an intellectual property attorney serving small businesses across Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia, I am here to help you with all forms of patent, trademark, and copyright law, as well as intellectual property litigation. Whatever industry or profession you’re in, I’m prepared to defend your work and trade secrets from improper use.


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Whether you need help drafting and filing an application for a patent, copyright, or trademark — or you’re looking for expert counsel to resolve an intellectual property dispute, I’m well equipped to serve all. your IP law needs. Whatever challenges you and your business may be facing, I’m passionate about helping you protect your creative works and giving you the tools you need to be successful. If you’re looking for an intellectual property lawyer or a skilled IP litigator in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Canton, or Milton, Georgia, call me today or use the form below to set up a consultation.

Patent law grants inventors exclusive rights to their inventions, preventing others from using, making, or selling them without permission.

Copyright law protects original works of authorship, giving creators exclusive rights over their creations and regulating their use and distribution.

Trademark law protects symbols, words, or phrases identifying products or services, granting exclusive rights and preventing confusion among consumers.

Trade secrets law protects confidential information critical to a business’s success, providing legal remedies against unauthorized use or disclosure.

E-commerce intellectual property (IP) law pertains to the legal framework governing the protection of intellectual property rights in the context of online business activities

IP Related Contract Law

Intellectual Property (IP) Related Contract Law, pertains to ensuring that your creative and intellectual assets are protected…

Apply For a Patent For Your Invention

Protect Your Invention

As an inventor, you’ve worked hard to foster, create, and produce your idea into a novel invention. That invention needs to be protected to prevent others from using, selling, or importing your idea without your consent. As an experienced patent law attorney that has served entrepreneurs and major corporations, I have the knowledge and experience needed to help you file for a patent and protect your intellectual property. I’ll also work with you every step of the way so that you can understand exactly how you’re protected.

Patent Pending

The process can be overwhelming without a qualified patent law attorney working with you to ensure that all of the necessary paperwork is filed and submitted accurately and on time. Once you’ve filed for a patent, you’ll be able to use the term, “patent pending,” which will allow you to show that your invention is solely your intellectual property. From design patent applications and patent searching to licensing and foreign patent filing, I can provide the legal guidance you need for your unique situation.

Clients Testimonials

Mr. Stewart counseled me on preparing and filing a patent application. He was very efficient, reasonable, and his quality was outstanding. He was very knowledgeable on patents due to his many years of experience.
Steven Stewart is an exceptional trademark lawyer. His expertise and dedication made the process of getting my trademark smooth and successful. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking trademark legal services.
Steven Stewart is an outstanding e-commerce contract lawyer. His expertise and diligence in handling my business contract were invaluable. I highly recommend him for any e-commerce legal needs.

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With over three decades of experience working with patent and intellectual property law, I’m well equipped to help you protect what’s important.

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