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Patent law grants inventors exclusive rights to their inventions, preventing others from using, making, or selling them without permission.

Copyright law protects original works of authorship, giving creators exclusive rights over their creations and regulating their use and distribution.

Trademark law protects symbols, words, or phrases identifying products or services, granting exclusive rights and preventing confusion among consumers.

Trade secrets law protects confidential information critical to a business’s success, providing legal remedies against unauthorized use or disclosure.

E-commerce intellectual property (IP) law pertains to the legal framework governing the protection of intellectual property rights in the context of online business activities

IP Related Contract Law

Intellectual Property (IP) Related Contract Law, pertains to ensuring that your creative and intellectual assets are protected…

Patent Law

The Process of Protection & Registration of Intellectual Properties

As an inventor, you have a right to register for a patent in order to prevent others from using, selling, or importing your idea without your consent. I can help you with patent law in Alpharetta, Johns Creek & Roswell, GA. The number one goal of my firm is to protect your intellectual property.


Once you’ve filed for a patent, you can use the term “patent pending” to show that your invention is your intellectual property. A patent attorney can help you file for this critical protection and make sure it’s properly enforced. If you live in Johns Creek, Roswell, or Cumming, contact Steven Stewart LLC to schedule a consultation with me in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Get Assistance Filing, Analyzing, and Settling Patent Disputes

I keep your business goals in mind while working to meet your legal needs. There are many types of processes for licensing that require the skill and patience of a patent attorney. I’ve helped clients with the following matters:


  • Non-provisional applications<
  • Provisional application
  • Design patent applications
  • Patent searching
  • Freedom to operate analysis
  • PTAB appeals and disputes
  • Examination
  • Licensing
  • Foreign patent filing and prosecution

Your intellectual property is just as valuable — and sometimes more valuable—than your physical property. You should take the appropriate measure to safeguard it the way you would put valuables in a safe. Because invention and ideas are more ambiguous, owners can easily become overwhelmed with figuring out the best way to keep them safe. But with the right attorney, you can understand your options and take action to keep your property safe.


Don’t leave your intellectual valuables unprotected. Reach out to me today to learn more about the benefits of hiring a patent law attorney in Alpharetta, Canton, and Milton, Georgia, and the Greater Atlanta area.

Types of Creative Works a Copyright Can Protect

You shouldn’t have to worry about someone else profiting from your hard work. We’ll assist you with the copyright and design patent process to protect your designs and literary, dramatic, musical, or artistic work. In order to copyright your work, you need to prove its originality, draft the copyright and register it with the U.S. Copyright Office.
Where trademark law applies to protect your brand, a copyright can protect your creations. Copyright will safeguard your:


  • Pictures
  • Songs
  • Software
  • Artwork
  • Writings
  • Website designs
  • Architecture

Your creativity and products deserve to be protected from profiteers and copycats. If you’re interested in protecting your intellectual property, contact a copyright attorney to discuss your options. Steven Stewart LLC takes cases involving copyright law in Alpharetta, Johns Creek & Roswell, GA Serving the Greater Atlanta area.

Originality Requirements & Copyright Benefits

You can protect your work when it’s original and not copied from preexisting work. Only minimal creativity is necessary to meet the originality requirement.

However, if your work is based on someone else’s, you will need to identify the items that are copyrighting and purchase a license that enables you to use them. Determining whether your inspiration is copyrighted work can be tricky, so let Steven Stewart LLC help you cover all your bases.


By copyrighting your work, you can obtain damages of up to $150,000 per infringement without having to prove the infringement caused you any financial damage. Without copyright, your work can be used by others with no penalty to them. Don’t give others the ability to take advantage of your hard work.

Learn more about copyright law in Alpharetta, Canton, Cumming, and Milton, Georgia by contacting Steven Stewart LLC.

Trademark Law

Why You Need to Protect Your Brand

Your brand’s name, logo and icons, slogan, advertisements, and related items are an important part of who you are and how your sponsors, investors, and customers perceive you. If someone applies your brand to an inferior product or service or misuses it in any way, it will have a negative effect on your reputation.


I understand that how you sell your product is just as important as the quality of your product. That’s why I offer trademark law services in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Cumming, Canton, and Milton, Georgia. If someone else is stealing your voice or presentation, it can be hard to distinguish the authenticity of your brand. This can have lasting effects on your business. But you can safeguard against underhanded profiteers with a registered trademark.

The Law That Protects Names, Brands, & Slogans

Trademark law protects the way you identify your goods or services to keep another entity from making or selling them. Like copyright protects your creative product or work, a trademark protects how you sell or market that product or work. It is essential in making sure that your name, style, and presence are protected.


When someone steals another’s identity, there are devastating consequences that are out of that person’s control. Brand appropriation, though not as severe, has similar effects. Your profits may decrease, your image irreparably damaged, and your client base can rapidly dwindle. To avoid these scenarios, put my experience and skill in your corner.

3 Worthwhile Reasons to Hire a Trademark Attorney

An experienced trademark attorney will save you time and money by registering your intellectual property properly and efficiently. At Steven Stewart LLC, I will:


  1. Answer any questions you have about the trademark office

  2. Guide you through the registration process

  3. Make sure you meet registration deadlines

Your brand and business deserve to be protected. File your application correctly the first time by contacting me in Alpharetta, Georgia. Schedule a free consultation in the Greater Atlanta Area today.

Trade Secret Law

Protect Your Proprietary Information

It’s important to protect your intellectual property from competitors. To protect propriety information from competitors, it’s important to talk to a trade secret attorney. Steven Stewart LLC takes cases involving trade secret law in Alpharetta, Johns Creek & Roswell, GA Serving the Greater Atlanta area.
We’ll help you use trade secret law to protect your operation. Our services include:


  • Advising clients to protect specific technologies through patents
  • Helping clients establish internal procedures to protect key technologies
  • Establishing non-disclosure agreements and contractual barriers to protect information

Businesses of all types require a competitive advantage. If you’re in the Greater Atlanta Area, protect your company by contacting an experienced trade secrets attorney to handle the legal side of things.

Trade Secrets vs. Patents

It’s important to identify and classify your trade secrets through restricted access or employee education. Trade secrets can include plans, designs, recipes, or even things not to do in production. Anything that is classified under trade secret law is confidential. Whereas when you patent something, that protection eliminates secrecy as anyone can look up any patent at any time.

It’s important to also realize that patents protect your product from being reproduced by another company. Trade secrets, however, are not protected from reverse engineering. In other words, it is perfectly legal for another entity to reproduce and sell your product or a reasonable facsimile.


In order to ensure you are doing everything that it takes to protect your business, consult with an experienced trade secrets attorney. With years of experience and knowledge, our firm can help you navigate the ambiguities of the law and take the best actions to protect your business.


Don’t put off getting the legal service you need. Contact Steven Stewart today to learn more about trade secret law in Alpharetta, Johns Creek & Roswell, GA.

E-Commerce IP Law

Protect Your Proprietary Applications

E-commerce intellectual property (IP) law pertains to the legal framework governing the protection of intellectual property rights in the context of online business activities. Here’s an overview:


  • Patent applications for software, hardware, and business methods
  • Copyright registrations for software, related documentation, text, graphics and images on the Internet
  • Trademark registration and enforcement to meet software and hardware branding requirements
  • Development of client-specific licensing models
  • Licensing agreements, including shrink-wrap (i.e., software license contract inside box of software), click-through, and negotiated agreements
  • Software and hardware development, procurement, and implementation agreements within and across private, academic, and government sectors
  • Legal aspects of e-commerce development, implementation, and transactions; associated agreements
  • Internet agreements
  • E-commerce and Internet agreements
  • Branding identification, protection, and enforcement in e-commerce environment
  • Development of client-specific licensing models
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E-commerce Intellectual Property (IP) law encompasses legal protections for digital assets in online business. It covers copyright to safeguard digital content, trademarks for brand protection, patents for inventions or technologies, and trade secrets for confidential information. IP law ensures creators and businesses can benefit from their innovations while preventing unauthorized use. Enforcing IP rights in e-commerce involves legal actions against infringements and implementing measures like cease and desist orders or takedown notices. Understanding and protecting IP assets are crucial for e-commerce success, fostering innovation, brand integrity, and fair competition in the digital marketplace.

Intellectual Property (IP) Related Contract Law

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) Related Contract Law, pertains to ensuring that your creative and intellectual assets are protected through meticulously crafted agreements and contracts. Whether you are an artist, a tech startup, or a multinational corporation, I understand the nuances of IP law and are adept at navigating its complexities.


Our services include:


  • Drafting and Negotiating IP Agreements: I tailor contracts to meet your specific needs, including licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and assignment contracts, ensuring that your IP assets are managed and protected according to your strategic goals.
  • IP Due Diligence: I conduct thorough due diligence to ensure that the IP rights you acquire, or license are free of encumbrances and liabilities, providing a solid foundation for your business ventures.
  • IP Rights Enforcement and Defense: Protecting your IP is crucial. I provide robust representation in cases of IP infringement, helping you enforce your rights and defend against unfounded claims.
  • Advising on IP Transactions: I guide you through the complexities of IP transactions, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and maximizing the value of your intellectual assets.
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My firm is dedicated to delivering strategic advice tailored to your industry’s unique challenges and opportunities. Partner with us to navigate the intricacies of intellectual property law and leverage your IP assets to their fullest potential.

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Mr. Stewart counseled me on preparing and filing a patent application. He was very efficient, reasonable, and his quality was outstanding. He was very knowledgeable on patents due to his many years of experience.
Steven Stewart is an exceptional trademark lawyer. His expertise and dedication made the process of getting my trademark smooth and successful. I highly recommend him for anyone seeking trademark legal services.
Steven Stewart is an outstanding e-commerce contract lawyer. His expertise and diligence in handling my business contract were invaluable. I highly recommend him for any e-commerce legal needs.

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