Looking For A Copyright Attorney?

Looking For A Copyright Attorney?

We work with copyright law in Alpharetta and Johns Creek, GA

You shouldn't have to worry about someone else profiting from your hard work. If you're interested in protecting your intellectual property, contact a copyright attorney to discuss your options. Steven Stewart LLC takes cases involving copyright law in Alpharetta, and Johns Creek, Georgia.

Where trademark law applies to protecting your brand, copyright law can protect your individual creations. A copyright will safeguard your:

  • Pictures
  • Songs
  • Software
  • Artwork
  • Writings
  • Website designs
  • Architecture

We'll assist you with the copyright and design patent process to protect your designs and literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work. Call 206-321-9072 today to schedule a consultation with a copyright attorney in Alpharetta, and Johns Creek, GA.

Learn more about originality requirements

You can protect your work when it's original and not copied from preexisting work. Only minimal creativity is necessary to meet the originality requirement.

Learn more about copyright law in Alpharetta, GA by contacting Steven Stewart LLC.